Global Invisions - Ordered Starter kit for Electronic Cigarette never shipped, no refund

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Update by user Nov 08, 2013

NOTE: The company the dispute claim was opened against is not Global Invisions. That is the corporate name for the forums I admin at. The actual dispute with vendor name will be quoted here with id, transaction, and other numbers omitted.

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Transaction Date: Mar 23, 2013

Transaction Amount: -$61.90 USD

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Response deadline: May 1, 2013

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Original review posted by user Nov 08, 2013

With the vast interest in alternatives being offered over the last decade since the first electronic cigarette was commercially manufacturered and sold in 2003. When starting to hear more about them the time eventually came when I started to do the research and started buying various battery sizes from a variety of online vendors starting in the late fall of 2012.

In May 2013 having accumilated different types as well as sizes I was looking to fill in the gaps by ordering the starter kit found for a particular size from a new vendor or web site made to look like a US vendor not Chinese or other and proceeded to place the order. PayPal was required being a 3rd party go between.

Once the order was placed and a charge was seen the first thing noticed was no order confirmation by email ever came in. When nothing arrived after weeks it was ironic a second vendor had sent emails about disabling junk mail filters with a product list of ecigs where the reply was an inquiry to see if this other vendor knew of the first. The word came in that this one would look into and finally I hear from the first stating the dispute claim filed at PayPal had to be removed before any refund would be seen!

Note this was back in May and early June of 2013 and to this day 11/8/13 the time of this posting no further word from or any refund of the amount spent has ever come in! PayPal was again sent a dispute while they are less likely to reopen the same claim. It has become apparent as well that the supposed second vendor was also the first and sets up several bogus accounts in order to scam.

The advice for those looking to try ecigs for the first as well as to not get burned is to pay a visit to any vaping group or forum to gather information on things like vendor people buy from and what type of ecig they to get ideas on what will work for you!

Review about: Bogus Chinese Ecig Vendor.

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